Baptisms at Harvest Bible Chapel Douala

Harvest Douala, Cameroon launched in the fall of 2012. God is working in this diverse country to bring many to Himself. Pastor Ebua Kum faithfully preaches the Word of God each weekend and God is using it to change lives. Ebua shares how God is working:

“The gospel is the ‘…power of God unto salvation…’ (Romans 1:16). Simply put, God has placed intrinsic power in the gospel itself to draw people unto Himself. We have had 2 baptisms at Harvest Douala. In October, four individuals were baptized and this past May, nine more people publicly declared their faith through baptism. We have seen God’s faithfulness in redeeming and transforming lives for Christ.

Among the recent nine, 3 were children of the same household. Tatiana and her 2 brothers openly declared their faith in Christ. They repented from the idol worship and fetish practices of their father to commit to Christ as Lord. Selky, came to Harvest after our outreach team preached to him 3 months ago. He committed himself to Christ and now got baptized. Selky has been out of church for a very long time. He describes the baptism experience as “wonderful” and is happy for what God has done.

Thierry, the eldest, never had any form of organized church life. He found his way into Harvest Douala on his own accord – God drawing men to himself. He describes his experience at Harvest as “profound.” To all, it was a restored relationship with God that translated into visible joy as all emerged from the creek waters of the Atlantic Ocean here in Douala.” – Ebua Kum, Senior Pastor of Harvest Douala, Cameroon.

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