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We celebrated our first anniversary this past weekend with 135 in attendance and 5 professed Christ in freely accepting His salvation. In our morning service we had 91 people – A full house indeed. Increasingly, we are seeing our church community growing with people coming off the streets here in Bonaberi – Douala. To God alone we give glory.

This weekend we are pursuing with our G3 series on Giving. We want to determine what the mind of God is concerning our     givings here at Harvest Douala. From God’s word we have to understand that for us to free ourselves from all the misunderstanding on givings, one vital question needs to be answered. In every income we must ask, what is the portion of God and what our portion? Regularly asking such a question and faithfully apportioning our incomes as designed in God’s Word will free us from all anxiety and bring us everlasting peace in our finances.

Therefore, in this week we dive into God’s word in Luke 12:32-34 to understand how God wants us to be free from anxiety and know how to deal with our possessions including money. Luke 12 reminds me how valuable I am above all else in the eyes of God. Is the life not more valuable than our possessions, Jesus asked? Most people serve their possessions instead of experiencing the opposite. Or better still most people are serving to store up possessions for themselves in the wrong places. Where your possession is, there your heart will also be. The fact remains that the store houses for most people’s possession is in the wrong place – the place where moth, rust and thieves easily find them to destroy. God will have us change our store houses. He is pointing us to one place – Heaven. Heaven is the only store house that is rid of the agents of destruction.

Join me as we Walk in the Word of God to fulfill his purpose and not ours concerning our finances.

Ebua Kum

Senior Pastor

Harvest Bible Chapel Douala.